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DNCNG Podcast Episode 15 - Daniele Alessi 09.2011
September 12, 2011 12:59 PM PDT

15th episode of the Dncng Podcast! Daniele Alessi had the task, and he did it very well, as usual. Keep in touch with our site www.dncng.com and keep up to date with news, events and more. Let's hula hula!

DNCNG Podcast Episode 14 - Mef @ Eurac Science Cafè 08.2011
August 11, 2011 04:51 AM PDT

The 14th episode of the DNCNG Podcast is a registration of the set of Mef of the event of Eurac Science Cafè, held in June. This is the link of the official event: http://tower.eurac.edu/en/sciencecafe/pasteditions/NewsDetails.html?entryid=74821

Thanks to the whole Eurac team (http://tower.eurac.edu/en/euractower/welcome/default.html) and to Radio Tandem for the broadcast!
Listen and download this hour of fresh summer vibes, and keep in touch with www.dncng.com.

DNCNG Podcast Episode 13 - Luca Brown 07.2011
July 05, 2011 01:46 AM PDT

A highly respected dj, a friend, a great collector of 12" and a companion of adventures: this is Luca Brown. Check our 13th podcast and subscribe it!

Born in Bressanone (South Tirol – Italy) on 31 May 1979, Luca Brown was brought into the world of DJ from a friend, who gave him a rudimentary mixer. At that point the game was done... He started saving in order to buy his first Technics SL-1200 MKII.

It is love at the first sight. He soon began to buy vinyls, such as Hideaway (De ‘Lacy), Deep Inside (Hardrive), Luv4Luv (Robin S), 1994. After some parties organized in the basement of his friends, he was given the opportunity to make his first appearance in public (more than a thousand people in a municipal theater). It is a true success. Pumped and excited by this experience, Luca Brown is finally convinced that this passion would be long lasting...

Keep following the Dncng Crew at www.dncng.com

DNCNG Podcast Episode 12 - Andymark 06.2011
June 07, 2011 03:09 PM PDT

After a great series of guests, it's time again for a Dncng member: Andymark. He mixed a wonderful detroitish set, he said about it: "last week I went to Berlin, the city that in Italian might be called "l'ombelico del mondo". I went there for many times but always during the cold season. Now it's spring and the city it's like a big beach, everyone is enjoying places such as "Club der Visionäre" and there are a lot of Open Air around the city, it's really amazing. My trip to the "German capital" and especially her sound and clubs inspired me for this podcast. Enjoy it!"

What can we say more? Keep following us on www.dncng.com!

DNCNG Podcast Episode 11 - Späk 05.2011
May 04, 2011 06:00 AM PDT

We're moving to Germany! This episode of the Dncng Crew podcast has been produced by Späk from Berlin, have a listen and keep following us!

Späk: grow up in Bavaria, moved to Frankfurt, Nuremberg and at least Berlin. First contact with electronic music 1994, started djing 1999. State of enchantment for fairly all kinds of electronic music but specially house music in all variations (from muscle to deep). Love to play long term (because everything is possible) and also love to play late / early morning (because you can play everything - the crowd accept almost everything). He played...
... Forsthouse 33 / secret location!
... Cartel / Athens
... Royal Bambi / Dortmund
.... Suite 23 / Dortmund
... Edelweiss Basement / Berlin
... Farbfernseher / Berlin
... Kleine Reise / Berlin
... Palais / Munich
... Rakete / Nuremberg

Also arranging and hosting parties with a couple of friend called Tutti Frutti

DNCNG Podcast Episode 10 - Outart 04.2011
March 29, 2011 02:54 PM PDT

Here we go with the 10th episode of the Dancing Podcast! This time we've chosen again two Italian guys, the Outart!

The project Outart was founded in 2008 from the meeting of two friends: Fabio and Andrea. Their first performances achieved a great success; their passion for music involved them so much that they decided to express themselves through personal productions. Outart is a very intense and ambitious project based on elaborate house and created from the merge of acoustic, instrumental and electronic genres. The appreciation of their productions by various labels was almost immediate. Ianus71 (the label directed by System Of Survival, resident dj's at Circoloco, DC10 in Ibiza) immediately recognizes the talent of the duo. In May 2009 they debut in the European music scene with the first release: Shiver's Hole EP. Their last work was released on Moon Harbour, the label of Matthias Tanzmann.

Keep following our podcast and stay tuned!

DNCNG Podcast Episode 9 - DOS live 03.2011
March 05, 2011 09:46 AM PST

The 9th episode of the Dncng Podcast is ready, this time we've chosen a great duo from Milan, DOS live! They want to emphasize that the set was made with just vinyl records and a Bozak CMA-10-2DL, straight from 1970! Another reason not to lose it... Let's Hula Hula!

It was literally a quick start for this dj-duo, as soon as an old-school-tasted dj and an ever-updated producer met, they started to perform in front of big crowd, discovering "live" what they can do together.
Maturing being solid, constant and working hard in their vision of clubs and party scene, DOS "live" play power feelings, strong beats and groovy house music.
Having remained more than a week in the Decks Buzz Chart they're earning intense support from best artist on the relevant scene.
Gian Piero Fusco and Francesco "Frankie" Mami, supported by all of their friends, tread on the most important stages of contemporary electronic scene, worldwide.

DNCNG Podcast Episode 8 - Autre 02.2011
February 07, 2011 07:55 AM PST

Very special guests for the 8th episode of the Dancing Podcast. We are very proud to introduce to you the Autre! Follow the crew!

Pedro Bortoluzzi and Pietro Caprioglio, two young venetian guys, create the electronic duo Autre in 2008. After several years spent in the field of instrumental music, respectively in studying saxophone/clarinet and drum, both charmed by the research of electronic sound and animated by the desire of fascinating the dance floor with their music, they start approaching to this new horizon.
They start to produce combining elements of jazz, latin and funk music with a techno-house stuff
giving life to an underground and original style.
Their groovy live sets, made up by using drum machines combined with smart sax performances, carefully go through from deep to harder sounds giving you a various stream of emotions.
Resident at the famous electronic festival Altavoz, that let them play next to the most important and quoted Djs of the international scene, immediately the two guys gain a considerable feedback in various Italian and foreign scene.
In 2009 they sign with the London label IANVS71, made up by System of Survival, whereby their first EP came out under the name “Unheard Melodies EP”, played and supported by some of world's top djs. Shortly after they came out with a various artist EP on the same label to celebrate the launch of the new digital platform FVENTI, with which they came out on its first release after few month.
Recently the Autre signed with the label run by Alex Piccini, Kosmophono.

DNCNG Podcast Episode 7 - Mef 01.2011
January 12, 2011 09:54 AM PST

New year, new episode of the Dancing Podcast! It's again the turn of Mef.
Stay tuned and keep following the crew!

Mef was born in 1987 in Bolzano. His love for music began in tender age, until he decided to buy his first equipment and to play some house anthems.
Since 2007 he's part of the Dncng Crew; the group of young talented djs organized music events with international underground artists such as Marco Zenker, Peter Grummich, Autre, DosLive, The Selph.
In the last year Mef played at open air events and in clubs of his city like Mirò, Sei Come Sei, Puka Naka; he also followed his crew in parties around Italy (Torquoise in Rimini to name one).
He considers his style like a plate consisting of fresh house beats, dipped into the warmth of deep and finely served with a breath of old school classics.

DNCNG Podcast Episode 6 - Daniele Alessi & David Silver @ Halle 28 -Caffeine Party 07.12.2010
December 23, 2010 04:13 AM PST

The Dncng Crew prepared a Christmas gift for everyone: the recording of the b2b set of Daniele Alessi and David Silver at the Caffeine Party of the 7th of december at Halle 28. Enjoy this hour and a half of this special episode of our Podomatic podcast and have a happy new year.

See you in 2011 and follow our parties!


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